Wild thorn hollow

Wild Thorn Hollow is a path of  Paganism that is centered around spirituality, philanthropy, and community.  We are a Pagan spiritual family, where each of our members can explore their own spiritual truth, while coming together under a shared set of over-arching beliefs, and living by a shared set of values.   

To learn more about the guideposts of our tradition, and see whether this a path that speaks to you, please explore our pages here.  You will also find information about how to connect with us online and follow us socially, as well as information about upcoming events where you can meet with us live and in person!

What We Do...


Ours is first and foremost a spiritual path.  We are not dogmatic, but we are centered on individual faith and spiritual growth.  We seek to promote the spiritual wholeness of our members through communal teaching, learning, and observance.  Ultimately, we hope to instill a sense of reverence, mysticism, and curiosity within the individuals in our community regarding their faith.


One of the ways that we live out our spirituality is through working to benefit others and our environment.  We stress the notion that we are "all in this together."  A major component of the Wild Thorn Hollow climate is that of doing your best work to benefit the world around you, in a way that speaks to you on a personal and spiritual level. 


We as people tend to be stronger with a sense of community or "tribe."  In The Hollow, we seek to build and strengthen our own spiritual community, and then to expand outward into contributing to our greater Pagan community, our local communities, and our global community.