Path to membership

active seeking

For us, active seeking means actively participating in our tradition community while you seek membership with us.  Specifically, we ask seekers to attend at least 3 of our open tradition events before pursuing membership further.  If you are not local, and cannot attend open events in person, we can keep you posted about virtual events you can take part in to meet this requirement.

member sponsor

Once you have participated actively in enough of our open events to feel ready to move forward, you may seek the sponsorship of an existing member.  This is simply to demonstrate that you have established enough of a relationship with the tradition during the seeker process that someone among our existing membership is ready to vouch for your potential in moving forward.

intent to join form

The final step in seeking membership is to complete and submit an Intent to Join form, including the name of your member sponsor.  This form will walk us through your path and your interests, and give us a better sense of what you are seeking in taking this step.

trial membership

The beginning level of membership in Wild Thorn Hollow is technically a trial period of membership.  Members at this level of membership are still known as “Seekers,” but this is the step when they have established their intent to join, and are truly being considered as prospective members.  Members at this level engage in the tradition in the same manner as fully committed members, but on a trial basis for a specified time period.  This helps everyone – both the seeking member and the tradition’s established members – get a real picture of what it would be like with this new person as a part of the community.  We will see how the new member connects, contributes, etc.  At the end of the trial period, if everyone is in agreement about the new member moving forward, they will move into the non-initiate level of membership on a long-term basis.