values of the hollow


We are called to thought and action in reverence of the Breath and our Gods.  Our spiritual connection and development are the foremost purpose of our path.


We have a duty to our communities, and to serve as good citizens within them.  These communities start small, with our families and friends, expand into our spiritual communities, and reach further into our cities, states, and the world as a whole.  We are called to do what we can where we can.


Reciprocity is the foundation of our relationships, with the Gods as well as those we cross paths with.  We are called to treat our friends and as our friends, our enemies as our enemies, and strangers with moderate hospitality.


As a part of our duty as good citizens of our communities, we are called to offer hospitality to those who come our way, unless and until they have proven themselves to be our enemies.


We are called to stand firmly by our values, and to act in accordance with what is right.  We must have the clarity of mind to known which circumstances call us to act swiftly and fiercely, and which call us to practice restraint and patience.


We understand that by its nature, life is at times harsh and full of suffering.  Stoicism teaches us to show patience, fortitude, and self-restraint in times of struggle, to learn from our suffering, and to live in accordance with fate and providence.


We value thought, inquisitiveness, and knowledge.  We are called to let sound judgement and our own moral compass guide us.


We are called to remember our ancestors, spiritual and physical, and those who have impacted our lives.


We embrace diversity, and evaluate people based on the quality of their character.  We do not discriminate on the basis of our inherent differences as human beings.