Posted by Jessi Arnn on Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Wild Thorn Hollow just held our first tradition-wide event - a celebration of Floralia, complete with TONS of flowers, and an awesome cookout.

We chose Floralia - a Roman festival honoring the goddess Flora, who is associated with flowers, the spring, fertility, and sexuality - as a way to set the tone that we take a bit of a different approach in the Hollow.  Floralia was celebrated around the same time we celebrate Beltane today, and honors may of the same themes and energies.  In fact, it would have been one of the ancient festivals that our modern interpretation of Beltane is based on.  While we are all for honoring the traditional 8 sabbats on the Wheel of the Year, and the traditional lunar observances, we want to encourage our members to dig a little deeper and get outside of the box from time to time, incorporating unique observances and festivals that are special to them.  No better way to start that trend than by making our first tradition gathering something just a bit outside of the box!

The gathering itself was great fun!  Many of our members were meeting in person for the first time, so we wanted to keep things low key and casual.  We focused a lot on bonding and getting to know one another, sharing food and drinks, and kept the ritual very simple.  Everyone brought offerings of flower to Flora, and the ritual consisted of everyone reading a favorite poem.  In ancient Rome, Floralia was often observed with theatrical performances, poetry readings, and games - so we thought the poetry reading would be a great way to honor the holiday in a simple fashion, while also giving us a bit of a glimpse of the personalities and interests of our members.

As this was our first real live interaction as a tradition, we obviously still have some work to do in terms of growth, bonding, and strengthening the sense of community.  Floralia was a great start though, and we're looking forward to lots more to come!

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