Updates Aren't Our Strength!

Posted by Jessi Arnn on Thursday, December 8, 2016
We do a lot here in Wild Thorn Hollow, but updating our blog usually isn't one of them!  Perhaps that's a goal I should set for myself...

At any rate, a lot has been going on here in the Hollow.  We are rapidly approaching our 2nd anniversary, and our major focus right now is implementing a new membership structure that will recognize some of the growth and contributions of our members.  You can read about that new structure here on the website on the Membership page.  

As a part of getting this membership structure in place, we're in the process of taking stock of where we stand with our membership right now, and where thing are going.  We have grown to a place where we have a large number of solitary members, spreading from Texas to New York, with our primary hub of activity still in the Middle TN area.  We have 2 active groups within the tradition, with 2 to 3 more on the way.

With the winter holiday season upon us, we are looking forward to our Yule celebration.  A few of our members are taking part in a hand-made Secret Santa gift exchange, and when we all come together for our Yule gathering, we'll do a Dirty Santa exchange as well - along with our Yule ritual and feast.  I'm also making plans for our Yule charity, and in the coming year, doing a tradition charity for each sabbat will be a major goal to implement.

This winter will also see the first issue of our new seasonal newsletter.  This will be a publication primarily by and for Wild Thorn Hollow members, but it will be published for the public, so keep an eye on the website for that addition!

All in all, I think each one of us is pretty proud of how far we've come here in Wild Thorn Hollow, and we're all excited about where we're going.  The more that we strengthen at our core, the more I know we'll contribute to our larger community.  Here's looking forward to sharing the warmth of hearth and home through the winter, and to the inevitable bustle of energy that will come with spring!

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