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Posted by Jessi Arnn on Saturday, July 15, 2017 Under: Member Posts
I just wrote this snippet from some WTH materials, and felt that it got the point across in a way that was worth sharing here...

"What 'Wild' means to us is that our path is not bound by anyone else’s rules.  Our members may prefer little or no structure, or may be more comfortable when things are a bit more mapped out.  They may be most at home in the deep woods among the sounds of nature, or on a busy street among the rhythm of the city.  They may only use completely natural raw materials in their rituals, they may be suburban Witches with no problems using their best Tupperware on their altars, or they may be inspired by technology and find ways to incorporate their smart phones into their workings.  From time to time, in coming together, we may even make each other uncomfortable.  But at the core of our paths, for all of us, the words 'it’s supposed to be done this way' mean nothing to us."

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