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Posted by Jessi Arnn on Friday, December 1, 2017 Under: Wild Thorn Hollow Updates
A while back, the Hollow put a hold on new memberships to refocus and do some internal work.  In fact, we cut quite a few members in an effort to get back to the roots of what the tradition was founded for.  We started out with three primary focuses...spirituality, community, and philanthropy.  We also started out with an open door to membership.  In reality, with the flood gates open in such a way, the scope of members that found their way into the tradition began to shift the focus away from those initial goals.  And so, we made the call to strip things down and get back to the basics of why we started out.

Our aim is to move away from larger numbers of members with little investment in the community they are supposed to be a part of, and to move more into the direction of a close knit community of people who truly view the Hollow as their spiritual family.  This, however, will take work.  It will mean taking a look at a few things, and quite probably changing our approach to some of them.  Though the pathway to membership will continue to be quite open and accessible, it will likely become more discerning.  The level of expectation for members will be higher, and the future growth will likely be smaller.

For those who are looking on with interested eyes, we ask that you be patient with this process.  It will take time, and though we would love it if this tradition and its future could be our only focus, our members are real people with real lives and real demands placed upon them.  I myself am a retail manager on top of being the tradition's founder and leader, and this is a time of year when my job requires nearly all of my focus and energy.  In the past, this is something that would have caused me great grief and guilt...to have to withdraw my focus for a time from the tradition in order to put my energy into other demands of life.  However, I have come to realize that building a healthy and thriving spiritual community should be fulfilling and rewarding,as well as forgiving,and should never feel like an obligation or chore.  It is something that has to allow for life to coexist alongside it.

And so the future of Wild Thorn Hollow is still unfolding, and I am still looking forward to that future with excitement and anticipation.  Right now is simply a time of stasis, when we are allowing ourselves to just be.  We will be holding our Winter Retreat event in January, and that event will be open to the Pagan community.  I envision that event as being the time of "starting up" again, so keep your eyes on the horizon!

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