Year One

Posted by Jessi Arnn on Saturday, January 23, 2016
One of my goals for 2016 is to do better about updating this website, and our blog.  It has been a while, but many things have been going on behind the scenes!

We are coming upon our first anniversary as a tradition, and what an interesting year it has been!  As would be expected with a brand new tradition, we have had highs and lows...swells of membership and activity, along with respective lulls.  We have mainly focused on getting ourselves established, attracting some like minds, and setting ourselves up for growth and expansion.

This is how we move into year two!  We are ready to welcome our first anniversary with open arms, and to charge into our second year prepared for exciting new things.  As we continue to seek out new members who are ready and willing to play an active and positive part in the development of their spiritual community, we will also begin to focus more energy on strengthening the bonds between existing members, and making more of a mark on our community as a whole.  It is our hope that this energy will continue to draw the right people our way, and that the momentum we build will leave us in an even stronger place at the end of year two.

Exciting things are in store for the Hollow!  I'll try to do better about sharing along the way!

Jessi (Founder)

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