community services

services for members

The primary service that Wild Thorn Hollow offers its members is the opportunity to explore and express their spirituality in a supportive community of like minds.  Our regular calendar involves holding membership wide gatherings for the eight sabbats on the Wheel of the Year, and smaller groups within the tradition hold their own private meetings based on their own group's style.  In addition to our regular sabbat gatherings, other events are scheduled on a more spontaneous basis, and these may include things like workshops, open rituals, charitable activities, spiritual retreats, and events for with or for the broader Pagan community.  

For those who are interested in pursuing this path, Wild Thorn Hollow also offers support and a framework within which individuals can form their own groups.  Groups within the Hollow act much like the nuclear families within the extended family that is the tradition.

in the community

Our focus is inward first, seeking to build and stabilize a strong foundation, with the intention of turning more outward as we grow.  We do what we can with the resources we have in terms of contributing to our local community and doing good and charitable work.  Thus far, our efforts have ranged from raising money to contribute to chosen charities, spending time doing hands-on work on various community projects, and holding "item drives" to collect needed items for charitable organizations in our area.  We also occasionally participate in and host events within the larger Pagan community, attempting to do our part to help it gain visibility andthrive.  As we continue to grow, we hope to build upon the types of events and resources we can offer the community, and well as the charitable work we are able to do.

in the future

Our future plans involve expanding our efforts alongside the expansion of Wild Thorn Hollow itself.  We have plans to create more learning and networking materials for our members to have access to, to establish two reoccurring annual events hosted by the Hollow, and to develop our own ordination program for those who are called to a greater level of personal service within the Pagan community.